About Us

yard_pictureOur employees are experienced and skilled in the crushing and recycling field.             RAPCO practices a zero incident zero accident policy. Time and training goes into ensuring a safe work environment for customers and employees. Our customers are our top priority! You are working with a dependable, honest company that can help you meet all your material needs. We strive to provide excellent results to our customers!

RAPCO is a member of some great local and national organizations such as CSHBA (Colorado Springs Housing & Building Association), CAPA (Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association) and the EPCCA (El Paso County Contractors Association). We have always gone out of our way for the other members of these organizations. Honest, Dependable, RAPCO! – Excellence in crushing and recycling!

We recycle and process concrete and asphalt rubble into reusable aggregate products.  We take waste concrete from sidewalks, curbs and gutters, roadways, driveways, construction sites, and asphalt from paving projects, repairs and overlays along with bricks, pavers and other concrete products and crush them into re-usable quality materials.
The end result is that the customer receives a quality product that is recycled.

We have a number of quality concrete and asphalt products and the ability to produce several products to meet your material needs.

See our price and products list for more information.

We also offer on site custom crushing servicesPlease contact our office for more information.