Incoming Materials

We have changed the requirements for incoming concrete and asphalt rubble at our facility. Please review these new requirements.

We Reserve the right to refuse any load contaminated with trash, wood, sod, etc, NO TILE.  All loads subject to inspection prior to dumping. Any load dumped prior to inspection is subject to a “double” charge! We do not purchase any concrete or asphalt material.

We will accept:concrete-rubble-320x198

  1. Asphalt rubble free of concrete, dirt, wood, sod, and any other trash material. Ten percent road base is acceptable.
  2. Concrete Rubble with or without steel, free of wood, plastic, sod, paper, or any other trash material. Clean dirt is acceptable.
  3. Cinder Block (CMU) with concrete or as a separate load.

We can no longer accept:

  1. Tile of any kind, except roofing tiles with no nails.

Please be sure all incoming loads are free of plastic, wood, insulated wire, brush and any other trash material.


Dump Fees


Clean Concrete – no wire or steel

Any size load                                        No Charge

Dirty Concrete with rebar or wire mesh*

Single Axle                                            $40.00
End Dump$65.00

*Excessive size, strength or steel may result in extra costs.

Clean Dirt Dump*

Single Axle                          $50.00
End Dump$100.00

*Any size load, no sod, wood , clays, etc. Subject to availability.

Clean Asphalt

Any size load                             (with less than 10% dirt)No Charge

Masonry Block /Retaining Wall Block /Cinder Block:

Single Axle                                                     $40.00
End Dump$100.00

Roll Off Trucks (Concrete or Brick):

Clean Loads with NO Steel                             $50.00
Loads WITH Steel or wire$100.00
Boring Mud Dump$60.00 - $100.00

Scale Use

Incoming Concrete or Asphalt               $10.00
Certified Scale Weight$10.00

No Charge for Military Family Relocations.


CLEAN means no wire mesh, rebar, metal or brick.
Any load that is represented to be CLEAN and free of wire or rebar and is NOT will incure a fee DOUBLE the standard dump fees.

Dumping of hazardous or illegal waste is prohibited and penalty will include all applicable county, state and federal laws. Cost will include legal fees, cleanup and disposal.